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Netflix Welcomes Wes Anderson's Roald Dahl Adaptations

All four short films now available.

Image: Tomas Mazowski
Updated: January 12, 2024

After a fourteen-year interval since "Fantastic Mr. Fox", the iconic Wes Anderson returns with not just one but an exhilarating quartet of adaptations drawn from the enchanting world of Roald Dahl.

The Wonderful History of Henry Sugar

A cherished Roald Dahl tale revolves around a wealthy man who discovers a genius who can see without using his eyes. Intrigued, he embarks on a quest to acquire this extraordinary skill, driven by a desire to use it for cheating at gambling.

Cast: Ralph Fiennes (Roald Dahl, Policeman), Benedict Cumberbatch (Henry Sugar, Max Engelman), Dev Patel (Dr. Chatterjee, John Winston), Ben Kingsley (Imdad Khan, Croupier), Richard Ayoade (Dr. Marshall, Yogi)

Runtime: 39 minutes

The Swan

In a Roald Dahl short story crafted for young adults, we follow the adventures of a clever young boy who finds himself relentlessly pursued by two bumbling, oversized bullies.

Cast: Rupert Friend (Narrator), Ralph Fiennes (Roald Dahl), Asa Jennings (Peter Watson)

Runtime: 17 minutes

The Rat Catcher

Roald Dahl penned a lesser-known short story that delves into the world of a professional rodent exterminator.

Cast: Richard Ayoade (Editor/Reporter), Ralph Fiennes (Rat Man), Rupert Friend (Claud)

Runtime: 17 minutes


In a renowned Roald Dahl short story, a man makes a chilling discovery when he finds a deadly snake slumbering in his bed.

Cast: Dev Patel (Woods), Benedict Cumberbatch (Harry), Ralph Fiennes (Roald Dahl), Ben Kingsley (Dr. Ganderbai)

Runtime: 17 minutes

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